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  • Guangzhou Yatong Building Materials Co., Ltd. takes "professional quality and excellence" as its purpose. With "quality, service, fast and trustworthy" as the business philosophy. "Serve customers. Satisfy customers. Improve customers" as the goal!


  • Aluminum Square For Exterior Wall can make the building more beautiful, the material is light, and it also has the characteristics of fire resistance and corrosion resistance


  • Guangzhou yatong building materials co., LTD. Is a professional production of aluminum veneer manufacturers, has more than 10 years of market cultivation and development, has gradually become mature, and more and more used in large projects, landmark buildings and senior commercial residential building interior and exterior decoration, showing a broad prospect for development. Yatong building materials will work harder to make products and services more perfect, but also welcome the majority of customers who need aluminum veneer friends, calls to consult, to visit the factory, Yatong building materials will certainly have a happy cooperation with you.


  • Guangzhou elegant building materials co., LTD. Is is aluminum square tube manufacturers, and through the production of aluminum square tube type have u tube, profiles of aluminum square tube, modelling aluminum square tube, etc., can also according to customer demand design production, specifications according to customer request of construction projects, and general building materials aluminum square tube in the market is more popular with the public, such as you need, focus on, building materials, Knowledge of aluminum square tubes.


  • Aluminum square-pass ceiling construction process: 1. Pull the horizontal line according to the required level, and pull it in both vertical and horizontal directions


  • This article introduces the characteristics of Engraving Aluminum Veneer.


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